My Journey and My Mother’s Journey With Herbalife.

My Journey and My Mother’s Journey With Herbalife.



I have been asked a lot of times how do I get my belly flat, how do I get abs like yours? 

Well, genes and also hard work. But recently, I have been struggling to be my personal best. 

Notice I said “Personal Best”( Yours can be Different). 

Living with my African mom this beginning of the year who wants to feed me everything and never ever says no to you. Damn, I am spoiled 🙈👼🏾😆 It is challenging because you missed her amazing cooking 

So I gained the holidays weight, lost it and got it again. Then I notice I could eat mom’s food but with a little change in my intake of food, drinks and snacks too. Things changed for me. 

Then I made her join Herbalife as a member which will help her and educate her of the healthy lifestyle to take on her health, and with my help on technology. I can help navigate and help build her business. So if you see me advertising about Herbalife here is because I have joined her on this healthy journey to get her feeling great, less bloated and looking great. 

I will share her results and so will I share mine too. We are in this together, even when I travel I will be with her. 

If you want to join me, you can DM/email me so we could talk. 

I will give you advice on what to eat, what exercises you can do to improve your body mass plus having abs is not a bad thing YES? YES! 😘  

So take your time but not too long, get abs requires 3 weeks of loving you and your body. 

Check out my growth before hers. 🥰💪🏾❤️

Contact Me, let’s talk about your plan.

Contact Me, let’s talk about your plan.